Monday, October 11, 2010

Film Fest Fabulousness

Is it just me? Or has life been passing by way too quickly these days? I can barely seem to keep up! There just doesn't ever seem to be enough hours in a day or days in a weekend.

Hence my absense from this blog.

I've moved YET AGAIN into another new place in Toronto. This time I hope to have a more permanant stay. So sick of packing up my life, unpacking and moving heavy stuff.

Before the big move I was busy at work with the Toronto Film Festival. It was a very crazy but fun week and I eventually got sick due to alot of late nights and early mornings.

I thought I would highlight some of my favourite moments from that week.

We kicked off TIFF with Fashion Televisions 25th Anniversary party.
Here I am with my co-workers enjoying some wine. This night was like the calm before the storm of TIFF took over. One highlight from the party for me was every judge/choreographer/contestant from So You Think You Can Dance Canada being there. Enjoyed seeing Mia Michaels! Love her!

All week I was running back and forth between our Lia Sophia Lounge at the Windsor Arms Hotel and our Murale/Sally Hershberger Lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel.

As I found out people liked to spend their days outside of the hotels trying to spot celebrities, taking pictures and waiting anxiously.
As I also found out, if you are walking in or out of a hotel during TIFF everyone automatically assumes that you are famous and frantically takes your picture while asking "Who is that?" I was always tempted to reply "I'm NOBODY!"

Here is our set up at the lia sophia Gift lounge. The lounge featured the new red carpet collection la belle rose which everyone was very excited about it. There are alot of beautiful pieces from this collection. I got to wear it all week and recieved tons of compliments.

At the lounge I saw Hugh Hefners ex girlfriend Bridget from the Girls next Door show. Kevin Spacey, who made me cringe a little because I still associate him with his character from American Beauty, and Rachel Weisz.

Over at the Intercontinental Hotel Sally Hershberger and her dream team were busy making everyones hair look incredibly sexy. For a beauty lover like me getting to watch Sally and her team was a little bit of a dream come true. Murale makeup artists were also on hand applying makeup with all of the great murale makeup products.

Walking through the hallway at the Windsor Arms Hotel I was stopped waiting for a bell boy to clear out luggage from the hallway when the hotel door opens and out walks non other than Clint Eastwood. Looking like a muffin at 9am in the morning. He joked around with us as we waited for the bellboy to gather his luggage. Definitly a TIFF highlight for me.

Another TIFF highlight was attending the after party for the movie The Conspirator. I saw Justin Long and Alexis Bledel in person.

I also had the pleasure of having an actual conversation with James Mcavoy at the party, who I also ran into earlier that day at the Windsor Arms hotel..... literally..... I actually ran into him as I came in through the front door.... after hearing him apologize in his dreamy accent I finally realized who I had just bumped into. Talking to him at the party was my probably my favourite TIFF memory. Instant crush.