Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready for my close up!

I am officially a huge fan of the new Revlon PhotoReady Makeup foundation. For a drugstore foundation it really provides a great amount of coverage which is what I look for in a foundation. Too many foundations out there don't provide any coverage at all. This provides just the right amount, feels super light weight and it isn't greasy like some of the other high definition/photo makeup I have tried.

It contains photochromatic pigments that bend and reflect to illiminate the appearance of flaws. Contains SPF 20, oil free and fragrance free. Great little foundation by Revlon. There is also a powder and a translucent finisher in this line which are both a pressed powder. I'm going through a loose powder phase right now so I haven't tried them yet. When I do I will write about them as well.

Have a pretty Day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010 Beauty Thoughts

This look is one of my favourites of the night. In a world where we are constantly striving for big, volumous hair Kate Bosworth proves your hair can still look fabulous without being voluptuous. The simple braid looks very elegant. The makeup is simple and girly. The rosy cheeks, berry glossed lip and groomed brows make this a perfect look for a date on Valentines Day!

Could this girl be any hotter? I don't watch Mad Men so to be honest I didn't even know who she was until now, but WOW! Major boob envy going on in my head. This hair colour is perfection on her and the red lips surprisingly are a perfect fit with this look. The simple colour of the dress allowed for the dramatic hair and makeup to totally work. A+

So I'm not the biggest fan of boy cut hairstyles on girls but man oh man does Jennifer Goodwin rock this style! She looked fabulous. The simple makeup and the perfect creamy skin really make the dress and the hair "pop." Dying to know what foundation she's wearing. I need!

Love Love Love Sandra Bullock! She seems to always look stunning. I love the hair style, the sultry eyes, and the shimmering cheeks.

To be honest, after seeing Blindside I think she should seriously dye her hair blonde for good. She looked absolutely gorgeous as a blonde.

I am a HUGE fan of Cameron Diaz. I'm liking the red lips with the red dress and the soft eyes. I just wish she had some hair around her face. Her hair pulled back like that is aging her.

I'm not understanding this look at all. The hair is really outdated, along with the lipstick. Someone missed the mark on this one. I do however like the eye makeup and the nicely shaped brows! This look reminds me of how you ended up looking as a little girl when you played dress up with your moms makeup and hair products.

Pretty Pretty! Kate Hudson can do no wrong. She always looks gorg. Not the biggest fan of this hair style but she still manages to pull it off. The eye makeup is my favourite. I'm naming this look the reverse cat eye! The liner seems to go down at the inner corner of the eye. Looks great in this picture. I'm anxious to try out this look.

All kinds of wrong! The pumpkin face is not a good look on anyone. She's gorgeous non-the-less but this look is not her greatest. I think she could have used a darker shade of lipstick and less peach on the cheeks. Also not loving the two toned hair.

Golden Globes 2010 Beauty Thoughts

Seriously, how pretty is Jennifer Aniston? Sure, she has looked the exact same for the last 15 years, but that in itself is quite an accomplishment. I am loving her hair here. The sun kissed makeup is making me crave summer.

Well Hello there slit! So, to be honest I've been somewhat annoyed by Jennifer Aniston after all the Brangelina/John Mayer drama, but I am loving the fact that she decided to take a risk with this dress. So often celebrities play it safe. Loving this dress and that she wasn't afraid to live a little and show some leg!

You go girl!