Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes Please!

I NEEDS me this bathing suit featured on Matchbook's July Issue. The mint colour is to DIE for! Turns out it's from Anthropologie!! Yippee! Totally buy-able!

Seeing Double

Is it just me or are do these covers look awfully similar?
Only difference is I love Emma Stone and Lindsey Lohan.... well, not so much. I wish she would get her act together. She HAD so much potential once upon a time... Sad really. I hope Emma Stone stays outta LaLaLohan Land! Seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders so I'm confident we will see alot more of her for years to come!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cover Girl

Inspired by the most recent cover of Flare Magazine I thought I would do a little feature of my top favourite magazine covers.

I admire all the hard work that goes into creating that perfect cover shot.... from nailing down the cover model, to the perfect styling, makeup, mood, all while trying to make a cover that's new and exciting from all the other covers out there...

Take a moment to admire the beauty and feel free to share which covers are YOUR favourite.

Mila Kunis - Flare August 2011

Talk about perfect styling. This Lanvin dress is to die for on her. Love her hair like this, side swept and natural makeup.

Rihanna - VOGUE April 2011

I love this Vogue cover with Rihanna looking like a high fashion version of The Little Mermaid

Rachel Bilson - GQ February 2008

I bought my boyfriend a subscription to GQ for Christmas this year... I'm glad I got it this year and not in 2008 when this cover was featured.... Have you ever seen a cover this cute/scandalous all at the same time?

Posh & Becks - W Magazine August 2007

I think we all remember this ridiculously hot and steamy cover of W Magazine with Posh & Becks. It was hot then, it's hot now, it'll be hot a thousand years from now.

Natalie Portman - Marie Claire Thailand February 2010

I love this picture of Natalie Portman. It's just so.... FUN! The dress is fun, the hair is fun, the smile is fun.... okay you get the point, enough talk about fun.

Ashley Olsen - Marie Claire September 2007

Another great Marie Claire cover. This one is sexy and sultry. I love the smokey eye makeup. I also love the plum colour of this dress. The pose is really cute.

Lady Gaga - Flare December 2009

Lady Gaga makes such a great cover model. This cover came out just as she was hitting her stride. I remember falling in love with it and her... along with the rest of the world. The eyes are one of my favourite parts of this cover along with the pink hair.

John Mayer - Details December 2009

I really like this cover of John Mayer. Sometimes he looks good.... and other times not so much. I saw him last summer in concert and it was one of the not so good times... but here he is in 2009 looking clean cut and shaven.... and altho I'm not a huge fan of tattoos (for myself) I love the way the colours in his arm sleeve pop on this cover.

Jennifer Aniston - Vogue December 2008

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous and has aged very well. I'm not sure how much work she's had done to still look this great but whatever she's done she's done it right. She has avoided looking too "pulled" and "plastic". I love this cover for the romantic red dress and her long hair. I definitely prefer this to her recent short bob hair cut. Also, perfect cleavage.... jealousy.

Robert Pattinson - GQ April 2009

I like this cover for three reasons - The hair, the grey suit, the perfect amount of scruff. I really don't think a guy could go wrong with hair and scruff like this and wearing a suit this colour. Also, grey suit, white shirt, black tie is one of my favourite combos as far as suits go.

Gisele - Vanity Fair May 2009

I don't really think an explanation is required as to what makes this cover great....

Liisa Winkler - FASHION Winter 2009

I was interning at FASHION Magazine when this issue came out. I remember we got to vote on which cover we thought should be picked for this issue and I voted for this one. It's the baby blue skirt that really gets me in this one.

Oprah and Ellen - O Magazine December 2009

I think most of us can remember when Ellen petitioned on her show for months to be on the cover of O magazine. She's a clever one, that Ellen. I just love this cover and love that even though they were competitors they never acted like it.

Nina Dobrev - Flare February 2011

The flowers are my favourite part of this cover. Apparently over $1000 worth in peonies were used to capture the look. Simply Divine!

Elisha Cuthbert - Flare July 2011

Another fabulous Flare cover. This one is all about the colours, plus it's just HOT! The blonde hair and blue eyes, the vibrant lip - Joe Fresh Beauty Matte lipstick in Fuchsia, and the tight light gold top. It all just works.

Lady Gaga - Details August 2009
As I was saying earlier, Lady Gaga makes a great cover model and this cover proves it again. Who else could make purple hair tied in a bow look this good? umm NOONE!

Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway - Vanity Fair March 2008

I love when Vanity Fair does group covers for their annual Hollywood Issue featuring Annie Leibovitz gatefold covers.... you really can't go wrong. There's just something very "Girl Power" about this one with that classic old time Hollywood glamour feel.

Kate Hudson - Elle November 2010

This will forever be one of my favourite magazine covers of all time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really though??

Have you seen the July issue of Marie Claire magazine yet?
I recently read it and just couldn't get over these Elle Fanning pictures (Dakotas little sister). THE GIRL IS 13 YEARS OLD PEOPLE!!! 13 - FREAKIN - YEARS -OLD!!
Do you have any idea how not cute and awkward I looked at 13 years old, probably dressed in green neon spandez shorts and a tweety bird sweatshirt.... Imagine looking like this at age 13?
Stunning and totally resembles Twiggy.
Clearly this girl is going to have a VERY successful acting and modelling career.

There's somethin in the water over at that Fanning household I tell ya.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Loving Today....

Because I really want to get a dog.... here is what I'm loving today.
Puppy Pictures! Is there anything cuter?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Hair (Part Two)

This weekend was the BIG weekend! My sisters Wedding Day!

I wanted to share some of the pictures of what I decided for my hair as I had previously posted about!

2 days before the wedding rehearsal I got my hair dyed by Laurie at L'Attitudes in the Toronto Eaton Centre. The Eaton Centre never closes so when I need to book in last minute I always choose this salon.

On the morning of the wedding all the ladies in the wedding party went to Madison Avenue in Hamilton. If you live in this area I'm sure you've heard of Madison Avenue. It's a very popular place for wedding parties and brides. They did a great job on both our hair and make-up.

Isn't my sister a knock-out?

Here are some pictures taken in my backyard!!

Leading up to the wedding me and the bridesmaids all tried to match our blonde hair to eachothers. I think it turned out great having the contrast of black dresses with blonde hair and my sister with dark hair and the white dress.

Hair Envy!

My hair crush Blake Lively was out in full force at the premiere for her new movie Green Lantern last night. Here she is decked in Chanel Couture with her long hair in one of the coolest braids I've seen... ever... Beyond LOVE this! I hope she's making her way back to blonde. Looks like she may be. Love her or hate her for taking pics of her tatas on her cell phone... but you can't help but admit this hair is FABULOUS!