Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Hair

I am getting ridiculously excited for my sisters wedding which is less then two weeks away!!!! I can't wait to live out my duties as Maid Of Honour. A moment most sisters dream of forever.
As the day quickly approaches I am still unsure of how I should wear my hair. I've been searching the internet far and wide for hairstyles I like.
The dress I am wearing goes over one shoulder so I need to find a hair style that will work with the one sided dress.
I think I have narrowwed down my chioces to 2 options. Have a look and let me know what you like best! If you have any other ideas I'd love some advice!
Option 1: Half-up-half-down
(These, minus the flowers)

Blonde Me Up Scotty!

Summer for me means blonde blonde blonde and I know I'm not the only one heading to the salon to add some more golden to my locks.
... And because I have a pet peeve about my hair looking too yellow, I have tracked down some products to keep my blonde bright and fresh between colourings.
John Frieda Go Blonder lightening Shampoo and Conditioner will gradually lighten your hair over time. Say buh-bye to those drying sun spray products from the 90's. This is a better way to go blonder without frying your hair.
AG Colour Care Sterling Silver Shampoo is a dark purple shampoo to bring your brassy tones back to whiter and lighter. I recently purchased a massive bottle of this Shampoo on sale at Trade Secrets for $24.00. Such a steal! It lasts forever.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Music Awards - Likes and Yikes!

Did you catch the Billboard Music Awards this weekend? I didn't, but I'll be catching them online instead. Here are my thoughts on the hits and misses from the Red Carpet.

Not sure when Kelly Rowland got so damn gorgeous but here she is looking stunning in this pink dress showing off her incredible body. I love her pink lipstick. Such a great fresh look for her. I saw her in person this year at TIFF and she is just as pretty in person. Keep it up girl!


A major YIKES! for Nicki Manaj. Pink hair with white roots. Really? and the unflattering onesie... I'm all for being unique but this is just hard to look at.


Love Taylor's makeup and hair here. Simple but elegant. The dress I wasn't the biggest fan of for the occasion but everything else was very pretty.

Nicole Kidman is always a Yikes for me... Enough said.

Loving this on trend white number Rihanna was sporting. Looks fabulous on her and really makes her hair colour *pop*.


I do like Selena Gomez's look here but also don't think it's age appropriate. I'd like it alot better without the massive slit. Love the ombre hair and makeup and the cute red shoes.


I don't like the whole dominatrix thing Fergies got goin on and the crazy smokey eyes with no colour on the lips isn't really on trend for a Spring awards show.


This makeup look on Keri Hilson is exactly what I would have liked to see on Fergie. Gorgeous colour and a subtle pink lip.


Just like Nicole Kidman, Kesha is another one that's normally a big Yikes in my books. This dress is a mess, as is her hair.

Have a favourite or a least favourite look from the Awards?

Let me know!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Something Borrowed

I find it funny when movie critics try to review Romantic Comedies and Chick Flicks. 9 times out of 10 it's always a bad review or 2 and a half stars. There's a reason a movie is classified as a Chick Flick and a Rom Com and ain't because they are trying to win an Oscar.... it's because of the fact that it's light hearted, cheesy and EXACTLY what a movie like that SHOULD be. If you go to the movie expecting it to be anything more then that then you are sure to be disappointed. But if you go expecting it to be exactly what it should be then you will 9 times out of 10 enjoy it!!

I never judge a Chick Flick. I sit back, relax, and enjoy. These movies aren't meant to be judged. They are not meant to be award winning or Oscar worthy.

I went and saw Something Borrowed last night with my best friend. The other day I saw a write up in the paper tearing the movie apart and giving it 2 and a half stars. Throughout the movie I heard the girls in the row behind me moaning and groaning about how cheesy it was.

Well, I am here to say I LOVED it! I laughed a bunch of times, there was love, emotion, silliness and fun and that's ALL I require from a romantic comedy.

John Krasinskis sarcasm never ceases to crack me up. His story line was hilarious.

Loved the synchronized dance routine the girls performed. Brought back memories of me and my girls.

The lead male role played by Colin Egglesfield bears a striking resemblance to a young Tom Cruise (not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing) but regardless I enjoyed the character.

Steve Howey from Shameless (one of THE best shows on TV) was one of the best characters. Too funny! Everytime he was on screen I was laughing.

Seen this movie yet? I'd love to hear what you thought!