Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jumping on the Dior Show Bandwagon

I truly feel like I have committed the ultimate beauty crime by not trying Dior Show Mascara until this week.

One of my favourite friends (and makeup artist for Christian Dior) hooked me up with a mini bottle of this coveted beauty item and I instantly fell madly in love.

I think I can safely say no other mascara has made my eyelashes look this long and fake before. It separates, it lengthens, it curls....there's nothing this mascara can't do!

I have naturally long eyelashes so most mascaras work pretty well on me, but this really took things up a notch. If you haven't yet tried this product, it is totally worth the splurge.

Other mascaras I am loving right now:

Clinique High Impact MascaraRevlon Double Twist Mascara
-The trick to applying this mascara is
to twirl the brush as you apply it

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

Friday, November 20, 2009

Soap & Glory: A Glorious Cure for Dry Winter Skin

If your like me, then every year when the weather turns cold it also means the start of a season full of annoyingly dry skin. Well, this year I'm saying "Buh-Bye" to my dry skin and "Hey-There" to moisturized, AMAZING smelling skin!

I had heard about Soap & Glory before and seen it on the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart, but only recently did I decide to try it out after reading about how yummy it smelt and all of the great ingredients it contains (Shea butter and Aloe Vera).

I purchased The Righteous Butter and Clean On Me Body Wash and instantly became obsessed with the ultra femanine signature scent of these products. I don't even need to apply perfume when I use them. I also love the cute pink packaging complete with black and white pictures of 50's style women. The appearance of the products and the scent are a perfect fit. I also find the pricing very reasonable for how long these products last.

If you are looking for some body products to brighten up these chilly winter days then I definitly suggest Soap & Glory.

Let me know what you think!

Have a pretty day,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The" Nail Colour for Fall

If you buy one nail colour this Fall make it Revlon Nail Enamel in "Devilish."
It is the perfect Fall colour.
Picture a very dark nail shade (almost black) but with a hint of blood red. If the movie Twilight had an official nail shade, this would be it!

You will not be disappointed!! This is officially my new favourite nail polish colour.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Nails have a new Best Friend!

I know alot of women share in my frustration of taking the time to paint your nails in a fun shade only to have it chip the next day as soon as you have a shower.

Also, I can't afford to get manicures all the time and fake nails look great, but become annoying and destroy my nails.

whats a girl to do?!

I have found the answer and the answer is Incoco Dry Nail Applique in French Manicure.

Incoco is dry nail enamel which comes in a package that includes a nail file, cuticle pusher, nail polish remover, and enough dry nail enamel to do your nails 2 times.

Incoco Dry Nail Applique are a very thin sticker for your nails, you carefully peel them off the packaging and then simply line them up on your nail and stick them down. Because they are actual nail polish and not just a white sticker, they stick to your nails and look like a perfect white tip. The work is done for you. Eazy Peazy Lemon Squeezy!

After you apply the tip, carefully file the excess off using even strokes in the same direction and Voila! A perfect french manicure! I then apply Revlon No Chip Top Coat (which I'm convinced is the best top coat on the market) and I'm finished. So easy! It may take you a few tries to get the filing off part down, but thats the only tricky part in the whole application.

The best part: they have lasted over two weeks without chipping! Seriously! I have been wearing the ones I have on now for over two weeks and they havent chipped. It's like witnessing a little nail miracle.

I am recommending this product to everyone I know. And because they stay on for so long without chipping when you finally remove them with nail polish remover your nails are twice as long and healthier!

The only down side is that they are hard to find. The only place I have found them sold is at Zellers.

This product is perfection!

Have a Pretty Day!


Face Cream worth the Splurge for the Surge!

I am definitly a girl on a budget right now but there are some things this girl can just not skimp on. Face cream, I have decided, is one of those things.

I normally buy face creams for around $20.00 but I decided to indulge a little and go with a new Clinique face cream this time because I have always been a huge Clinique fan. You really can't go wrong with their products which never irritate my somewhat sensitive skin.

I picked up Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief for just under $50.00 (still not too bad in the price department, but a little more then I normally spend) and WOW WOW WOW! I am so glad I did. This product is WONDERFUL! It feels like silk and Moisture Surge is right!! This cream is super hydrating. I just want to jump in a huge vat of it and soak my entire body.

Recommend! Especially if you have dry skin. You wont be disappointed.

*Sun Kiss*

I am a huge fan of having tanned skin but I refuse to use a tanning bed. My tan of choice: The Spray Tan. I go to a wonderful Tanning Salon called Banana Joes where I recieve the air brush tan.

I do not recommend doing the old school "Mystic Tan" where you stand in a booth and jets shoot out the spray. You will probably end up orange, and your tan will not be even (Think Ross Geller from that episode of Friends). It is always best to do the air brush tan where someone sprays you. Your tan will look natural and even. I get tons of compliments on how nicely tanned I am after i get a spray tan.

Unfortunately I can't afford to go for a spray all the time so to prolong my glorious tan I count on my Lancaster Sun Self Tanning Face & Body Essential Bronze Milk SPF 6. I have a very love hate relationship with self tanners. I LOVE the bronze glow but I HATE the way they smell.... Kindof like eggs or something as equally disgusting.

Lancaster however, has a completely different smell from other self-tanners, it actually smells good. Not to mention, it gives my skin the exact amount of colour I want! You can actually notice a difference after just one use. It's perfection! Bonus, one bottle lasts a long time so it's worth the price point.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*Being Cheeky*

Almay Smart Shade Blush in "Pink" 01

I'll admit it, I occasionally wear make-up to the gym..... mind you, i don't go over board. I'm talking a little chapstick, mascara, and some blush. But, never the less, I am guilty. My problem was that I was finding the blush I was using still made me look like I was wearing blush. I wanted something that looked natural and wasn't so obvious. I found this look in the Almay Smart Shade Blush. This blush glides onto your cheeks in a pale, creamy form and then the colour adjusts when it hits your skin. It's very subtle and gives off just the right amount of colour. It's so natural looking and I can apply it without a brush when I'm on the go or with a brush when I want more colour. I now keep this product in my purse at all times.

The Blush when it is first applied to the skin
The blush after it has been rubbed into the skin and has changed colour

Me wearing Almay Smart Shade Blush. A nice pink glow!

Have a Pretty Day!

xoxo Amanda

*Scrub A Dub Dub*

L L.A.M.B. Fragrance All Over Me Body ScrubDoes anything feel better then exfoliating in the shower?
Exfoliating shower scrubs are my new addiction. I have dry skin so I am always on the look out for one that also leaves my skin moisturized. I had been using The Body Shop Coconut scrub for a while which I love (I pretty much love any product that smells like coconuts!) But my new favourite scrub is L All Over Me Body Scrub. The scrub is rich and thick and the beads are tiny and not as "sand" like as other scrubs which can be harsh on the skin. The scent is very pleasant and is not too strong (like some fragrance body products can be). The thick texture is what makes me love this scrub. It really feels like I'm doing something great for my skin. Not to mention I smell fantastic after I use it! This scrub is worth treating yourself to. You wont be disappointed!

Have a Pretty Day!
xoxo Amanda

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sky High Lashes

I don’t think it’s possible to have eyelashes that are too long. Although I am lucky to have long eyelashes I am still always trying to find the best mascara and ways to lengthen my lashes to their highest potential. I have found that the best way to increase your lashes is a combination of a few tricks.

First, I recommend using an eyelash curler and curling your lashes. This will open up your eye and make the lashes instantly appear longer.

The next step is an eyelash primer, especially for girls with short lashes.

The trick to the perfect mascara in my opinion is one that when you take out the brush, it has a lot of mascara ink on the end of the mascara wand. This is my secret. I take that little pile of glopped mascara at the end of the wand and apply it to my outter top lashes. It goes on chunky at first but then you use the wand to blend the mascara and separate your lashes. I often dip the wand back in the mascara several times and each time I apply whatever ink comes out on the end of the wand to those same lashes. This is the secret to longer lashes and also creating the winged out look that I think looks best for eyes.

I use Cargo better than waterproof mascara because it comes out with alot of mascara on the brush which I love. I then also use Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara because the wand does the best job of separating my lashes, they instantly look like fake lashes.
I then apply a normal amount of mascara to the rest of my upper and lower lashes.

When I was really young I had the same babysitter for many years and I always remember she use to tell me I had "lashes for batting at the boys".... Back then I was too young to know what it meant but now it's something I always keep in mind.... Bat away ladies!... Bat away!

Friday, January 16, 2009

* The Perfect Combination For Your Face! *

Today I was cleaning my room before heading out for the day when I kept smelling something amazing and didn’t know where it was coming from. I was thinking to myself “What is that amazing smell? Did I put a new perfume on today?” ….. Then I realized the smell was coming from my face! I had used two new Olay products that morning and turns out they made my face smell divine. Not only did they make my face smell amazing but they also made my face feel brilliantly hydrated and gave it a very healthy glow. The two miracle products I am referring too (and I am now obsessed with) are the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum and the Olay Definity Color Recapture anti-aging UV moisturizer + sheer illuminating coverage SPF 15 in “Light/Medium.”

Until I started working at Fashion Magazine I had never tried a face serum and now I can’t live without one. If you haven’t tried using a face serum I am highly suggesting you go out and buy one. It is the most refreshing thing you can put on your face and it feels like heaven in the morning. Serums are very moisturizing and that is exactly what our faces need to stay looking healthy.

The next step is the Olay Definity Color Recapture which acts as a tinted moisturizer. This is great for girls who don’t need a lot of coverage but still want their faces to feel moisturized with a hint of colour. It is also great for girls who like more coverage on their faces to apply along with concealer and powder. This product glides on your face and feels super light and refreshing. It gives you a nice dewy glow and it is also anti-aging with an SPF 15. I don’t think it’s ever too early to start using anti-aging products and it’s also important to protect your skin from the sun on a daily basis.
These two products are my new “must haves.”
Have A Pretty Day!

"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been"

* The Royal Treatment *

It’s the moment all perfume lovers have been waiting for; Aerin Lauder, Estee Lauder’s granddaughter has just come out with the second fragrance from her private collection, which she had originally kept secret for many years. Lucky for us, she has finally succumbed to the pressure to share her secret scent with the world and all of us perfume junkies dying to get our hands on this precious new scent.
Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang is a fragrance that is truly an homage to her grandmother. Everything from the inspiration, to the scent, down to the glamorous detailing on the bottle was drawn from private experiences and memories of Estee Lauder. Adoring fans of this scent will want to indulge in the pricier parfum bottle, which resembles a crown and is complete with semi-precious stones decorating the cap.
As for the scent, it has a warm, comforting feel to it with hints of vanilla and the sweet succulence of honey. You only need a little spray of this perfume because it is very strong and rich. I am absolutely in love with this perfume and anyone I have seen try it falls in love with it too. I think this is a perfume I will save for special occasions because it has such a divine scent. You will feel like royalty every time you spoil yourself with this scent that is beyond a doubt, fit for a queen.

Have a pretty day,
"Where should one wear perfume? Wherever one wants to be kissed" -Chanel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

* I'm Stuck Like Glue *

Product: Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Hair Spray
(Available at Shoppers Drug Mart)

This hairspray truly puts the “hold” in “maximum hold hair spray.” I am warning you, this hairspray should be used with caution! This is the type of hairspray your hairdresser uses on you when you go in to get an updo. The kind that makes your hair stay in place and feel kindof like a helmet. If what you are looking for is maximum hold then this is the hairspray for you. If you want free flowing curls or straight hair that will move when you walk then this is not the product you want to use. But, for special occasions when you want your hair to stay in place or to achieve curls that will last all night then this is definitely the product I recommend. It is like glue for your hair. I use this hairspray when my hair is curled and I want it to stick out with as much volume as it can possibly get. I have never come across a stronger holding hairspray. The picture of me in that ridiculous hat is an example of what this hairspray did to my hair. It feathered my hair out and it stayed that way all night. It is a great product that I highly recommend. But like I said, be careful!

"I am only as strong as the cocktails I drink, the hairspray I use, and the girlfriends I have"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

* Super Star *

Product: Annabelle Le Gloss Star Lip Shine in "Super Bon-Bon" (Shoppers Drug Mart)

I have been using this lipgloss for what seems like forever and only recently have I had to purchase a new tube. This lipgloss somehow seems to last forever even though I use it several times a day. I love the sparkle and the fun pink hue it adds to my bare lips or the way it shines over top of my lipstick. It is the perfect balance between being not sticky enough to stick to my hair and being slick enough to stay on top of my lipstick for a long time. As a girl who loves her lips pink, this has always been my favourite lip gloss of choice. Even when I have new pink glosses in my purse I end up coming back to this reliable gem. It is perfect to wear during the day on its own, or at night on top of a pink lipstick to really make your lips “pop” with sparkle and shine.Although I have only used the pink shade of this product it does come in a variety of hues that I assume are just as good as this one. If you happen to try any of the other shades please let me know how you liked it.

Have a pretty day!

"A Smile is an instant Facelift"

* The Story Behind The Love *

From as far back as I can remember I have always been a true beauty junkie. I remember when I was young my favourite Friday nights were always those spent with my best friend going to Shoppers Drug Mart with our allowance money and buying new shampoo, face masks or nail polish and giving each other makeovers or washing each others hair. As soon as I was old enough to wear lipstick I took advantage starting with a dark brown lipstick which I look back on now and cringe. I believe I have my mom to thank for my lipstick obsession because she also always has to have her lips done.

I have always enjoyed beauty products and throughout the years I have developed a quite large collection of makeup, perfumes and products. I took a course in University which talked about the beauty industry and it was then that I realized my love could turn into a possible career opportunity. I didn’t know how, what or where, but I just knew I needed to be doing what I love, and one thing I love is beauty.
Maybe it’s my pisces nature, but beauty has always been incredibly special and important to me. I always try to notice the beauty around me. From simple things to the more obvious; a beautiful flower or sunset or landscape or seeing an old couple holding hands, or hearing a song with breathtaking lyrics. Or maybe it’s the beauty of finding a quote that fits exactly how you are feeling or finding the beauty in others. Maybe it’s the beauty of a friendship or a relationship. Or in the case of this blog, maybe it is finding the perfect beauty product that brings you joy and makes you feel better about yourself.

Like most little girls dreaming of beauty, I developed a love for Magazines. I would become captivated by images of the beautiful models, makeup and clothes. This deep love of everything “beauty” is what inspired me to take a chance and apply for a beauty internship at FASHION Magazine in Toronto. I had no idea what I was in for when I found out I got the internship, I just new I was lucky, nervous and damn excited.

I completed a 5 month beauty internship at FASHION Magazine and the whole experience was more then I could have ever hoped for. I learned alot about the beauty industry and enjoyed being surrounded by the newest beauty products which was nothing short of heaven for a girl like me. I worked directly for 2 Beauty Editor’s who were truly a pleasure to work for. I got to attend some amazing events and write for the website. Writing has been another passion of mine so I was thrilled to have a chance to write, as well as see my name in print in the Magazine.
I was also in charge of organizing the beauty closet which holds every kind of product you could ever imagine.
Through my internship at Fashion Magazine I was introduced to the world of Public Relations. When my beauty internship sadly came to an end I started another internship on the PR team at Coty Canada. My experience at Coty was incredible and I was exposed to the world of PR and fragrance, as well as a bunch of employees who quickly became some of my favourite people in the world.
After a couple of months at Coty I was lucky enough to land a contract position on the PR team at Revlon Canada. I now work for a PR agency on a variety of lifestyle brands and even helped launch Victoria's Secret in Canada. It's amazing to be working in an industry you love and are passionate about.

I am starting this beauty blog because I love writing about beauty products. Also, I like to know about a product before I buy it and I imagine other people feel the exact same way. I think we all know the disappointing feeling of spending money on a beauty product that doesn’t deliver. I have developed a large collection of products throughout my time at these different companies and as I try these products I am going to write about what I like or don't like and why. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
Have a pretty day!
"In every Girl is a Goddess"