Thursday, May 20, 2010


If there is one thing you purchase this summer make it a pair of nude heels.

I cannot express how happy I am with my recent purchase of a pair. I have never owned a pair of nude shoes and since purchasing them I don't know how I lived without them! They match any outfit, they make your legs look longer and since the heel on mine isn't too big they are also comfortable! I can wear them out at night or to work.
Seriously the best purchase you will make all summer.

Believe it or not, the pair I got were from Zellers! I was on the hunt for some cheap summer shoes, hitting all the regular stops: Zellers, Wal-Mart, Payless.... when I found these nude Alfred Sung Classic Pumps at Zellers for $29.95. They also come in metallic and black (pictured below). The ones I got are at the bottom of this picture. Receive compliments on these puppies every time I put them on.
Loving the nude heel look as much as I am? Let me know!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Leg Ready

I've got good news and bad news.... The good news is , warm weather is finally arriving!!! and the bad news is that your legs are so pale they would blind innocent bystanders. I am so excited to dig into my sun dresses and skirts but first I need my secret weapon. If you know me well, you probably know about my love for Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray..... and you also probably use it now because I made you try it and you loved it too.... Your welcome!

This product is like foundation/bronzer for your legs. Genius! It provides coverage and colour to make legs look tanned and flawless. Covers up veins or bruises while bronzing and some also provide some sparkle for nights out. I've used this stuff on my legs, my arms, my stomach.... And my friend who is a makeup artist admitted to using it on her face once when she ran out of Dior AirFlash (side note: I'm not sure if it is recommended for face use haha).

The trick I found to applying it (to make sure it looks natural and fully blended) is to spray it on your legs or in your hand and then apply lotion to your legs as you blend the two together.

I then let it dry before putting on clothes.
Warning: be careful when wearing white because it could show up.

Happy strutting :)

Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation

It's amazing to me how often new products and new cosmetics companies are showing up these days. Because of this, it is rare that I use the same product for a very long time. There's always something new that I am dying to try which means I am constantly switching up my foundation, my mascara, my lipstick, my blush, all in search of new favourites.

Even with all this variety there is one product that has stayed consistently in my makeup bag for years now which is my Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation in two shades, "Ivory" and "Buff". Yes, I carry around in my purse two shades of the same product. I like to apply the lighter powder to the bottom half of my face and the darker powder around my eyes and forehead. I also need a darker shade for when I have a spray tan and the lighter shade for when I am au naturel (aka very very pale).

This powder provides a great amount of coverage while still looking natural. It also has staying power and is great for removing any shine. The price point is a little more then I'd like to spend on a drugstore brand powder but I still end up always restocking because it's just that good :)

I've tried other pressed powder but they never compare.

Have you tried a great pressed powder? What would you recommend?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Special Thanks

It has been a very crazy/busy last couple of weeks with some pretty major changes going on in my life. I recently started a new position at a Public Relations Agency in Toronto which I am SO excited about! I then quickly found that getting up at 5:45am, driving to the go-station, taking the train, then the subway, working untill 5:30 (at the earliest depending if there's an event after work) then taking the subway, train, and sometimes a bus back to my car, and then finally getting home around 8:00pm at the earliest was not a schedule I could keep for long. Not to mention how ridiculously over-priced the train and subway are!.... I'd rather be spending my money on living somewhere more convenient. So, I immediately started searching for a summer sublet which I was lucky enough to find :)

As of Thursday I will be moving into a condo downtown for the summer. Needless to say I am terribly excited to be spending the summer in the "big city". I will be so relieved when I will have a 5 minute commute to work instead of over 2 hours!

If there's one thing I've learned from taking the go train it's that I am terrible at crossword puzzles and I'm amazing at Sudoku.... somehow they have become the highlight of my mornings.

Working for a PR agency is a new experience for me. I feel like I've now officially covered the beauty PR spectrum. I started off on the editorial side, I then moved on to interning on a PR team, gaining experience working for a huge beauty company with a major focus on fragrance, and then took on more responsibility working in the PR department for cosmetic giant Revlon. I am now gaining experience working for a PR agency which will involve working with a variety of different clients (Beauty, Fashion, Jewellry,Vodka, etc. etc.)

Looking back, I truly feel so lucky to have had the opportunities I have had at 24 years of age. Working for such wonderful companies and with such wonderful employees has truly led me to a career path I love.

I am so excited to buy this months June Issue of Cosmetics Magazine where 4 people I have worked with in this industry are being honoured in the list of Canada's Top 30 Beauty PR Reps. I couldn't be prouder or more honoured to have worked with people that are some of the best at what they do. I have learned so much from working with these amazing women. They have inspired and taught me so much.

In a world where it is quite common for women to not have each others backs, or to put each other down, to not be there for one another as much as they are for men, or to always be competing with each other, I am lucky to have worked with women who have respected me, helped me and who have prepared me for this crazy industry.

Congratulations Ladies! If there's one thing I know first hand it's how hard you all work and how much you all deserve this recognition!

Thanks for everything!

"I don't have girlfriends that are inconsiderate to other women.
It's all about taking care of each other"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Fragrance Picks : Part 1

Summer is upon us (I hope) and therefore it is time to once again bust out the sweet, flowery, fresh fragrances, perfect for a hot day at the beach, a night on the patio, or a hot date under the stars. I love applying fragrances that I haven't smelt since last summer which immediately bring a wave of memories floating back. Fragrance is such a powerful thing!

So here we go. The first post of my favourite fragrances for this summer. New and old, anything goes! First up: SJP NYC
This may just be the SWEETEST fragrance I have ever smelt. Therefore, I think you will either love it or hate it. But, since it smells so delicious I am betting you will love it. Just in time for Sex In The City 2 (which I am DYING to see), SJP launches another fragrance, which I think is her best yet. The bottle is very cute and fashionable.... but would you expect anything less from Sarah Jessica Parker? The fragrance is fruity, fresh, and sweet like candy. The top note of wild red strawberries definitly stands out. I'll be wearing this fragrance with all my little sun dresses this summer. A match made in heaven :)

For the Fellas:

My pick is Prada Amber Pour Homme. My all time favourite cologne. It's perfect for the summer time. Light enough to wear on a daily basis but it also wont easily fade (which is a bonus if you've been sweating in the hot sun). It somewhat reminds me of the fresh, clean smell of ivory soap, while still smelling very masculine. This cologne could make any man instantly sexier. It's delicious and only gets better over time after it's lingered on the skin for a little while.
Stay tuned.... More to come!

"Where should one wear perfume? Wherever one wants to be kissed" - Coco Chanel

I Love Me Some Pageantry

I'm a sucker for a Pageant... Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe!.....I always imagined one day I might attempt to be in a pageant. Maybe try out for Miss Canada..... untill I realized for most pageants you need to have a talent. At which point I always said "um ya, never mind."

I can't sing, the competitive dancing level I attained when I was younger has now been reduced to a few somewhat unfortunate club moves, I did learn how to play the piano but at this point the only song I might be able to remember by heart is Mary Had A Little Lamb.... which I highly doubt would turn up high scores from the judges.

So, instead I will just sit on my couch .... most likely with a big bowl of buttery popcorn....and watch and judge the pretty, perfect looking girls that have most likely been starving themselves for months and going through hell to look so magnificent! I give them alot of credit.

Last night I caught the Miss USA Pageant and I have to say I was rooting for Miss Oklahoma. After she showed up in this dress for the Evening Gown Competition I thought she for sure had it in the bag. This is definitely one of the most stunning gowns I have ever seen! But, I was wrong. She took second place. First place went to Miss Michigan. Yes, she is also gorgeous but, I thought her dress looked like a boring wedding gown, she tripped during her final walk and when asked how she felt immediately after winning she said "Ask me after I've had a pizza".... Really?...... And worst of all: she didn't even cry!!!! I'm not sure I have ever seen a Miss USA pageant where the winner didn't cry. Whats a pageant without the ultra cheesy ending with the winner bawling her eyes out, the running mascara, the ridiculous wave? I feel jipped!

Anyone else catch the pageant? Who were your cheering for?

"If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain"


.......This dress would be mine
Camilla Belle at the Cannes film Festival

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Smell Alot Like Summer!

I'll admit it, I change my nail polish colour on a very regular basis. What can I say? I'm a girl of variety. One day jet black, the next a pretty pastel. All depends on my mood, my outfit, the weather, the time of the year.

My top pick for Spring nail polish is Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in "Gum Drop." This lavender/grey shade has been receiving tons of compliments every time I put it on. It looks great and smells delicious! I recommend applying two coats to get the most pigment.
I am in love with so many colours/scents from this new line! Scented nail polish is one of my all time favourite beauty inventions.

They are available for only $5.50!

The Beach scented Lime Green shade actually smells exactly like the Beach.... A mix of sand, sun and suntan lotion. The lime green colour isn't my favourite but the smell alone makes me want to wear it.

The Bubblegum scented bright pink is just a great colour.
For toes, try the greeny/blue Ocean scented or the bright Orange Pop Scented.

Another fav is the bright purple "Grace Icy."

Peach Smoothie

Cotton Candy

Which one's are you wanting to try???

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In love with Clinique Bonus Time!!

I've blogged before about my love for Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It hydrates my skin better than any other cream I've come across. Sadly I've been putting off buying it as I'm trying to save money and I already have alot of other creams that I can use.... which means I can't justify spending $50 on a cream I don't necessarily need.....

Well.... today that all changed.
It's Clinique bonus time and I just HAD to give in. I definitely do not feel guilty considering all the amazing free stuff that came along with it!

I purchased the 50ML of Clinique Moisture Surge which came with a cute makeup bag, Superbalm Gloss in Passionfruit (in a colour I will definitely wear) and All About Eyes.Because I spent more than $26.50 I also received the bonus GWP which also comes with a mini Clinique Moisture Surge!!! Also included: Self Sun Body Daily moisturizer, Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator, Lash Doubling Mascara, Lipstick in "Think Bronze", and another super cute makeup bag.

Sooooo excited about all my new free goodies. So glad I waited to buy my cream! Definitely worth the wait!