Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Me Some Pageantry

I'm a sucker for a Pageant... Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe!.....I always imagined one day I might attempt to be in a pageant. Maybe try out for Miss Canada..... untill I realized for most pageants you need to have a talent. At which point I always said "um ya, never mind."

I can't sing, the competitive dancing level I attained when I was younger has now been reduced to a few somewhat unfortunate club moves, I did learn how to play the piano but at this point the only song I might be able to remember by heart is Mary Had A Little Lamb.... which I highly doubt would turn up high scores from the judges.

So, instead I will just sit on my couch .... most likely with a big bowl of buttery popcorn....and watch and judge the pretty, perfect looking girls that have most likely been starving themselves for months and going through hell to look so magnificent! I give them alot of credit.

Last night I caught the Miss USA Pageant and I have to say I was rooting for Miss Oklahoma. After she showed up in this dress for the Evening Gown Competition I thought she for sure had it in the bag. This is definitely one of the most stunning gowns I have ever seen! But, I was wrong. She took second place. First place went to Miss Michigan. Yes, she is also gorgeous but, I thought her dress looked like a boring wedding gown, she tripped during her final walk and when asked how she felt immediately after winning she said "Ask me after I've had a pizza".... Really?...... And worst of all: she didn't even cry!!!! I'm not sure I have ever seen a Miss USA pageant where the winner didn't cry. Whats a pageant without the ultra cheesy ending with the winner bawling her eyes out, the running mascara, the ridiculous wave? I feel jipped!

Anyone else catch the pageant? Who were your cheering for?

"If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain"


  1. Yeah Miss. USA was on a talk show this morning, and she kept talking about how much she loves eating and blah blah, you could tell she was trying to prove she doesn't have a eating problem. But I didn't like her attitude. She seems really bitchy.

  2. I agree, confidence is good, but she seems over-confident... to the point of cocky. Oh well, better luck next year :)