Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Special Thanks

It has been a very crazy/busy last couple of weeks with some pretty major changes going on in my life. I recently started a new position at a Public Relations Agency in Toronto which I am SO excited about! I then quickly found that getting up at 5:45am, driving to the go-station, taking the train, then the subway, working untill 5:30 (at the earliest depending if there's an event after work) then taking the subway, train, and sometimes a bus back to my car, and then finally getting home around 8:00pm at the earliest was not a schedule I could keep for long. Not to mention how ridiculously over-priced the train and subway are!.... I'd rather be spending my money on living somewhere more convenient. So, I immediately started searching for a summer sublet which I was lucky enough to find :)

As of Thursday I will be moving into a condo downtown for the summer. Needless to say I am terribly excited to be spending the summer in the "big city". I will be so relieved when I will have a 5 minute commute to work instead of over 2 hours!

If there's one thing I've learned from taking the go train it's that I am terrible at crossword puzzles and I'm amazing at Sudoku.... somehow they have become the highlight of my mornings.

Working for a PR agency is a new experience for me. I feel like I've now officially covered the beauty PR spectrum. I started off on the editorial side, I then moved on to interning on a PR team, gaining experience working for a huge beauty company with a major focus on fragrance, and then took on more responsibility working in the PR department for cosmetic giant Revlon. I am now gaining experience working for a PR agency which will involve working with a variety of different clients (Beauty, Fashion, Jewellry,Vodka, etc. etc.)

Looking back, I truly feel so lucky to have had the opportunities I have had at 24 years of age. Working for such wonderful companies and with such wonderful employees has truly led me to a career path I love.

I am so excited to buy this months June Issue of Cosmetics Magazine where 4 people I have worked with in this industry are being honoured in the list of Canada's Top 30 Beauty PR Reps. I couldn't be prouder or more honoured to have worked with people that are some of the best at what they do. I have learned so much from working with these amazing women. They have inspired and taught me so much.

In a world where it is quite common for women to not have each others backs, or to put each other down, to not be there for one another as much as they are for men, or to always be competing with each other, I am lucky to have worked with women who have respected me, helped me and who have prepared me for this crazy industry.

Congratulations Ladies! If there's one thing I know first hand it's how hard you all work and how much you all deserve this recognition!

Thanks for everything!

"I don't have girlfriends that are inconsiderate to other women.
It's all about taking care of each other"

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