Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation

It's amazing to me how often new products and new cosmetics companies are showing up these days. Because of this, it is rare that I use the same product for a very long time. There's always something new that I am dying to try which means I am constantly switching up my foundation, my mascara, my lipstick, my blush, all in search of new favourites.

Even with all this variety there is one product that has stayed consistently in my makeup bag for years now which is my Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation in two shades, "Ivory" and "Buff". Yes, I carry around in my purse two shades of the same product. I like to apply the lighter powder to the bottom half of my face and the darker powder around my eyes and forehead. I also need a darker shade for when I have a spray tan and the lighter shade for when I am au naturel (aka very very pale).

This powder provides a great amount of coverage while still looking natural. It also has staying power and is great for removing any shine. The price point is a little more then I'd like to spend on a drugstore brand powder but I still end up always restocking because it's just that good :)

I've tried other pressed powder but they never compare.

Have you tried a great pressed powder? What would you recommend?

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