Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*Sun Kiss*

I am a huge fan of having tanned skin but I refuse to use a tanning bed. My tan of choice: The Spray Tan. I go to a wonderful Tanning Salon called Banana Joes where I recieve the air brush tan.

I do not recommend doing the old school "Mystic Tan" where you stand in a booth and jets shoot out the spray. You will probably end up orange, and your tan will not be even (Think Ross Geller from that episode of Friends). It is always best to do the air brush tan where someone sprays you. Your tan will look natural and even. I get tons of compliments on how nicely tanned I am after i get a spray tan.

Unfortunately I can't afford to go for a spray all the time so to prolong my glorious tan I count on my Lancaster Sun Self Tanning Face & Body Essential Bronze Milk SPF 6. I have a very love hate relationship with self tanners. I LOVE the bronze glow but I HATE the way they smell.... Kindof like eggs or something as equally disgusting.

Lancaster however, has a completely different smell from other self-tanners, it actually smells good. Not to mention, it gives my skin the exact amount of colour I want! You can actually notice a difference after just one use. It's perfection! Bonus, one bottle lasts a long time so it's worth the price point.


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