Monday, January 26, 2009

Sky High Lashes

I don’t think it’s possible to have eyelashes that are too long. Although I am lucky to have long eyelashes I am still always trying to find the best mascara and ways to lengthen my lashes to their highest potential. I have found that the best way to increase your lashes is a combination of a few tricks.

First, I recommend using an eyelash curler and curling your lashes. This will open up your eye and make the lashes instantly appear longer.

The next step is an eyelash primer, especially for girls with short lashes.

The trick to the perfect mascara in my opinion is one that when you take out the brush, it has a lot of mascara ink on the end of the mascara wand. This is my secret. I take that little pile of glopped mascara at the end of the wand and apply it to my outter top lashes. It goes on chunky at first but then you use the wand to blend the mascara and separate your lashes. I often dip the wand back in the mascara several times and each time I apply whatever ink comes out on the end of the wand to those same lashes. This is the secret to longer lashes and also creating the winged out look that I think looks best for eyes.

I use Cargo better than waterproof mascara because it comes out with alot of mascara on the brush which I love. I then also use Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara because the wand does the best job of separating my lashes, they instantly look like fake lashes.
I then apply a normal amount of mascara to the rest of my upper and lower lashes.

When I was really young I had the same babysitter for many years and I always remember she use to tell me I had "lashes for batting at the boys".... Back then I was too young to know what it meant but now it's something I always keep in mind.... Bat away ladies!... Bat away!

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