Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I LOVE Christmas.... okay, probably the most obvious statement ever considering I'm a girl who's very easily excited by just about everything.... I'm aware I'm not the only one who loves the holidays.... and altho I always try to focus on the "real meaning of Christmas" which for me is about spending time with family and friends, nights spent decorating trees, ice skating outside, walking around town looking at window displays and lights, wrapping gifts while watching old school Christmas classics... I still find myself occasionally giving in to that other side of Christmas... The side you can't help but like....The side filled with gifts, goodies and feeling spoiled... A feeling always brought on by PRESENTS!!

It's Christmas time at the office and I couldn't help being overly excited when gift bags arrived at our door filled with beauty products and a box of O.P.I. nail polish. Eeeeee!!!!!

I now have some new product favs that I'm gifting to myself and some others that will be perfect for people on my list this year.

The O.P.I. Texas collection for Spring/Summer 2011 is filled with a great variety of colours. I'm loving Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em.

Chloe fragrances have quickly become one of my go to fragrances. They are feminine, sophisticated, fresh and most importantly they last all day long. I am in love with new Love, Chloe... So I guess they got the name right. The smell is very intoxicating and quite different from the regular Chloe fragrance. The powdery floral gives it a younger more modern feel. Mmm I'm wearing it today...I just can't get enough of it.
I'm sure you've come across the Marc Jacobs Bang ads by now... the one with Marc Jacobs himself laying naked, legs spread with only an oversize bottle of Bang to cover him... They continued to shock me everytime I see one. Well, I have to admit this is the coolest cologne bottle I have ever seen. I don't think there's a guy out there who wouldnt' want to display it. My Dad is a huge fan of cologne so this one will be going to him this year.

Whats on your shopping list/Christmas list this year?

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