Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

I've always complained that there isn't enough feminine and girly clothes in stores these days.... What happened to flowy, pink, floral, and ruffles? Where are all the tea party dresses and twirly skirts? What can I wear when I want to feel pretty?

I've noticed in the last year or two that the clothes I have been longing for have finally made their way into my favourite stores and it's been getting better and better.
Perfect Example:
The new H & M Garden Collection.

I went into H & M yesterday and it was chaos surrounding this new collection and now I know why!

I narrowed it down and purchased this dress. It's adorable and for $19.95 you really can't go wrong!! And I did feel as though I was all set to go plant some beautiful flowers (hense garden collection).

Below: some other cute items from the collection. There are a number of items I have seen online that I adore, but haven't seen them in stores yet. Fingers crossed that they are on their way!

.... and just when I think my day can't get any better I walk by Town Shoes and come to a screeching halt infront of their Barbie by Town Shoes window display!!!! Was this collection made especially for me? The pink glitter. The gold heels and heart shaped peep toes.... Does girl world get any better than this?

Update: I have since also purchsed this dress:

Seriously! $19.95!!! Are you kidding me? :)

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