Monday, March 1, 2010


I have to do a post about yesterdays Canadian Mens Hockey Olympic Gold Medal game. Such an INSPIRING win! What an amazing game and moment for Canada. Also, what a way to end the Olympics!!!
I am a hockey fan, I enjoy watching leaf games and I have watched some of the Olympics but yesterdays game takes the cake as my favourite hockey moment of all time.
What an intense game! Down to the very last second. I really wasn't suprised when the Americans scored in the last seconds to tie the game. But going into overtime I was biting my nails in suspense. That game could have easily went either way.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere SIDNEY CROSBY to the RESCUE!!! I tried to send a text as soon as they had scored and I think everyone in the world had the same idea, the text would not go through. I'm surprised the cell phone companies systems didn't crash. If anyone was to get that goal I am glad it was Crosby. To see how happy he was and the celebration after and the relief I think every Canadian felt that we won was definitly priceless.

I can't get over how much Sidney Crosby has accomplished in his life and he is only 22 years old!!! A Stanley Cup and an Olympic Gold Medal? Talk about talent. Not to mention he is a total stud. A guy with that much talent and determination. Totally sexy.

Sidney Crosby is definitly pretty.

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