Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Glamour Galore!

Award show season is in full swing and I'm loving every minute of it! Lets discuss last nights hits, misses and highlights :)

If I could wear any dress from last nights red carpet it would be this one, worn by Lea Michelle. I absolutely love this! The pink shade is perfect. The cut is dramatic and elegant. I love everything about it.
So glad Christian Bale won for best supporting actor. His performance in The Fighter was unreal. A must see movie.

Carrie Underwood is always one of my favourites on the red carpet but ummm, what the HECK is going on with her hair? Have side burns ever been a good look on anyone? Terrible. So unlike her.

Loving Dianna Agron's look here. So beautiful and angelic. I'd like to know what shade of lipstick this is.
I just love Helen Mirren. Doesn't matter how old she is, she isn't afraid to show some skin and take risks with her look. So fabulous. Plus, she's bff with Russel Brand which means she has a killer sense of humour. Love that!

Love this take on a black dress. I always find black so boring on the red carpet but this dress is anything BUT boring. I do however wish she had more colour on her face. Her face is disappearing here.

Emma Stone are you kidding me?!?!?!? STUNNING!!! The blonde hair, the perfect matte makeup, the skin tone, that dress!!! This girl is on fire. I hope she stays normal and doesn't drift off into Lohan La La land.

Why? .... that is all
Love Anne Hathaway in this backless dress. If I had brown hair I would want this exact shade. Also loving this very popular champagne colour alot of ladies were wearing last night.

Are you serious? This is all wrong. I just don't "GET" Jennifer Love Hewitt. Does she pick out her own outfits and hair styles? She must, because I don't think any professional stylist would allow "this" ......eeekk

What were your fav Golden Globe moments?

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