Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MMVA Beauty Thoughts

Katy Perry always looks gorgeous in my opinion. She always loads on the makeup on the red carpet and always has a very flawless looking complexion. But if you can't load on the makeup on the red carpet then when can you?
The Lipstick colour isn't something I would wear but she makes it work. Always love her dark hair. The dress colour is great on her as well.

Altho Kristin Cavallari is incredibly annoying on The Hills, there is no denying that she is absolutely gorgeous. Really loving her makeup here. The Smokey eye isn't too dramatic and still has a soft look to it. I also love the colour on her cheeks.

Miley Cyrus and her attempt to be Lady Gaga was just painful to watch

Please stop

Shenea Grimes looks absolutely adorable here! Loving this hair-do on her! Takes a pretty girl to pull this hair off. Mission accomplished

I just love Adam Lambert. He was by far the best contestant American Idol has ever had. I think he looks great here. The hair is different and I like it.

I just don't "get" Ke$ha..... at all.... She always seems like shes trying soooooo hard.... and the talking in her songs really bothers me.... This look is all wrong.... For a variety of reasons.... The nose ring has got to go.

How are these two even famous?

Why wasn't I told that Kellan Lutz was going to be in Toronto????? Outraged! How adorable is he? Seriously! SO glad he got rid of the blonde hair. His natural colour is a thousand times better. Mmm

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