Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Rules Of The Pick Up

Is it just me or has dating these days become really weird and complicated? With all this new technology you would think people would be more connected then ever before. But, it seems that technology has done the opposite. I find it's just made people lazy when it comes to personal connection. What happened to face to face contact? Or actually talking to people on the phone?

I've noticed that meeting people has also taken on new rules and I wanted to share my thoughts and advice for guys who may be confused. Take my advice or don't. I just think life is too short to spend it hiding behind your phone or your computer. So here we go.

#1. If you wait more then two days to call the girl after getting her number it comes across as trying too hard to play games. And if the girl is like me, she will run far away from you at the first sign of game playing. If you need to play hard to get in order to get a girl to like you then she doesn't really like you (and vice-versa).

#2. Waiting the standard one or two days to call or text is acceptable..... but also predictable

#3. Texting or calling the girl the day after you get her number is only creepy and stalkerish if the girl didn't like you. If she liked you then she will be flattered and think that it's super cute that you were excited to contact her.

#4. Waiting a week to call, really? Unless you had an emergency trip to Australia or you were deathly ill in the hospital it's no secret that nobody is TOO busy to find 30 seconds to send a text or make a phone call in a whole week. Therefore, I immediately think this guy is just "too cool" (too stupid) and I will immediately move on.

#5. Text vs. Call:
Call me old fashioned, but the first time you contact a girl I feel it should be an actual phone call. It's so much more personable and shows the girl you are actually interested. Also, you will stick out amoung other guys that only text her which can become annoying and frustrating over time.

Texting is great and all for keeping in touch when you are busy but we like hearing your voice, guys always sound good over the phone. When your only form of communication is texting things can get boring really fast.

#6. If you are too scared to ask for the number in the first place: Man Up!!!! There's so many opportunities out there to meet people but so often we don't take them. How many times in a week do you walk by someone your attracted to and smile or make eye contact with and think "wow, I'd like to talk to that person" But you just let them pass you by? Stop relying solely on alcohol and bars. Do you really want to tell your future Grandchildren that you met their Grandmother at Jack Astors or Crocodile Rock?? I'm not against meeting people at bars, I've met some great people that way..... But I think it's very limiting if the only place you ever approach someone is at a club after you've downed a bunch of drinks.

It's better to go for it then regret it. Whenever I'm really wanting to approach someone but I'm too nervous I always give myself the same little pep talk and it works EVERYTIME "You have nothing to lose, if he rejects you it's okay because you will never see him again, in the grand scheme of your life this will mean nothing if he isn't interested, Life's too short not to put yourself out there"

Putting each encounter into perspective can really help.

Get out there and go for it! Taking risks always leads to the best memories :)

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