Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mix And Match

Left the city last weekend because of all the G20 craziness and also because I was craving some rest and relaxation. I love the city life but there's something about going home to my small town, to my house, my family, my bed, my puppy, and my big backyard that really puts me at ease. I also indulged in a little day at the spa and ended up choosing two fantastic nail polish colours, both OPI.
OPI in "Do You Lilac?"

OPI in "Whats With The Catitude"

Think I will go out and purchase this blue colour. It's perfect for toes!
I normally do different colours on my toe nails then I do on my finger nails. I feel like certain colours (especially blues) look best on toes and wouldn't look as good on finger nails. This week I've had three guys comment on how my toe polish doesn't match my finger nail polish.... A. Who knew guys were that attentive? and B. Who knew that they even knew anything about nail polish?

Is mix and matching your nail polish a beauty no no for you?

Do Tell!

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