Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I recently had the pleasure of helping out with the It Gets Better Canada Project, an initiative started in Canada by Arren Williams and Tommy Smythe and was inspired by Dan Savages project started in the US. A youtube channel was set up in response to a series of suicides by gay teens in the US. People from different walks of life can post videos on the channel telling their stories and encouraging teens to understand that they can survive the bullying and move on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Tommy and Arren worked with many talented Canadians to create an inspirational video. Check it out below.

I was so happy to help out with this project in getting the word out to the media and helping at the fundraising event to premiere the video. It was a very emotional evening. I couldn't help but shed some tears during the video, hearing the emotional stories of the individuals in the video and their messages of hope for bullied teens. This project is so important for teens who may feel helpless and like life will never get better. They need to know that life gets easier after highschool when they start to surround themselves with loving people who aren't close minded. I hope these videos make their way to the kids who need to see them most and not only stop these suicides, but also stop the bullies and hate.

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