Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Through all the broken hearts, boring dates, blah connections, feeling unappreciated, settling for something less then you deserve, situations that turn out to be something they are not, people who change, people who let you down, people who don't follow through, or people who just don't see you for who you really are, hope can be lost. Maybe not all at once, maybe it's a gradual loss that you don't even realize... until one day that hope you were losing comes back to smack you in the face, to show you exactly what you were missing.

There are certain connections in life that only happen a handful of times. The kind of connection that happens so suddenly and instantly, that you can't picture how your life was before it existed. The kind of connection that is completely effortless and wonderful. It's hard to pinpoint how and why these connections can happen with one person and not with another. It's completely unexplainable. But some things in life are better left unquestioned. Sometimes it's better to just go with it, embrace it, and enjoy every moment of it...for however long it lasts, no matter how scary it can be.

Melt into the mushiness, kisses, butterflies, and laughter. The things that make life exciting, fun, and worth all the hard times. The things that make life BEAUTIFUL.

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