Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ever had a hair experience that was so bad you contemplated shaving your head so that no hair dresser will ever be able to touch your hair ever again??

So I haven't been able to get a hold of my regular hair dresser, he's been away and is only booking for March. My roots are out of control and my 25th birthday is tomorrow! I decide that I will have to go to someone else to get my hair done. My friend suggests her girl who comes to your house to do your hair. So, I call and book an appointment to get highlights and low lights. My regular.

She arrives and suggests I also get colour put on my roots saying she will colour my roots and also do my highlights and low lights. Seeing as SHE'S the hair dresser I agree to let her do her thang. She claims I wont even need a toner because the kind of dye she used "tones while it colours"

Well, I wash my hair out and look in the mirror. My hair is NEON ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

She claims she can fix it by toning it. She tones it. I wash it out. NO CHANGE. She then says she will add another toner and some bleach to it. I wash it out. NO CHANGE. She then says she will do a blue toner. I wash it out. NO CHANGE. At this point my hair is still NEON ORANGE and is now also BLUE from the blue toner she used. My scalp is literally ON FIRE and I'm feeling my hair to make sure it's not falling out. I seriously thought I might go bald. I'm in the bathroom crying my eyes out and calling my boyfriend. I can't even get words out so he thinks someone has died.

Eventually I come out of the bathroom. She claims she can do one more toner, a purple one, and it should help this time. She also says she'd like to do it sooner then later so she can go home. Ummm really? You're concerned about getting home and I'm sitting here with ORANGE AND BLUE hair?!?!?

With tears in my eyes I let her have one more go. She tones it. I wash it and she blows it dry..... Well, my hair is still orange. Not neon anymore but definitely still orange. I also have some blue tones from all the toners and my scalp is still on fire.

She proceeded to not admit she had done anything wrong and even asked that I still pay her. Maybe if she had felt bad and was sorry I would have given her some money, but now I have to pay to get this fixed so there was no way I was going to be giving her any money. If anything, she should have paid me!!!! She said she used the same dye she used for my friend. My friend has light brown hair, my natural colour is almost black. It doesn't take a hair dresser or a rocket scientist to figure out that my hair should not have the same colours as someone with light brown hair on it.

I went to see a real hair dresser on my lunch break today. She says I should leave it for a week. Give my scalp a rest and then get a colour lift to bring the orange to a platinum blonde. Then hopefully eventually I can get some low lights put in.

In the meantime, tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I'll be looking like a albino/smurf/troll doll for my party.
Tell me your traumatic hair stories if ya got em. We can all feel the pain together.

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