Monday, February 28, 2011

"You Can Stand Under My $175 Umbrella"

How much is too much to spend on an umbrella?
To be honest I haven't really given this question much thought... I don't think umbrellas are too high up on anyones shopping list. I have a cute pink and white polka dot umbrella that I've been satisfied with...untill now.... I just discovered Raindrops in Toronto's website which featured Umbrellas by Guy de Jean. Now spending $175 on an umbrella doesn't seem so crazy. I'm in love. Check them out below and for more details check out the website -

This pink one is #1 on my list!

How cute would these be to use if it rained on your wedding day??

Love these cage umbrellas they use on Gossip Girl :)

Okay, so maybe I can't justify spending this much on an umbrella just yet.... but one day

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